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I'm really worried about everyone in Japan.

1 :Edward Joseph Snowden : 2019/07/23(火) 00:43:01
The NSA refused to provide information on the grounds that Japanese law did not allow government espionage to citizens,
and conversely,
it urged changes in Japanese law to share secrets with the United States.

2 :Edward Joseph Snowden : 2019/07/23(火) 11:36:48
The (specified) secret protection law enacted in recent years in Japan is actually designed by the United States.

This is the usual way for the NSA to put pressure on foreign governments. They have been carrying out intelligence activities and they have obtained useful information, but they tell foreign governments that they can not continue without legal backing. If a law to legalize this can be made, if it can be argued that more sensitive information can also be shared, intelligence parties in other countries will also want information. Thus the secrets of the country proliferate and corrupt democracy

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